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DDS Demolition forms the specialist demolition division of DDS Group, providing industry leading excellence nationally

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Since our inception over 40 years ago, alignment of DDS strengths with our clients individual needs, has remained a central theme within the business and has been the catalyst to our on-going progression and evolution to become a leading specialist demolition contractor.

DDS are proud to be quality-focused national specialist demolition contractors committed to excellence across all areas of our business; none more so than when it comes to health, safety and environmental performance. We are building enduring, value-based relationships with our clients and partners, based on a clear understanding of their demolition projects and how we can take a tailored approach to completing them quickly and safely.

Our diverse project portfolio as a trusted demolition company has been developed from a broad client base across a multitude of sectors. This varied experience has given us a wealth of demolition experience, allowing us to complete even the most challenging and complex of projects.

What are demolition contractors?

When a structure such as a home, school, hospital or office block needs to be removed to make way for something new, it needs to be removed safely by demolition experts; that’s where demolition contractors come in. Tasked with managing the site throughout this painstaking process, demolition contractors handle the health and safety aspect of a demolition, the most suitable type of demolition for the site, and often the clear up operation too.

Quality-focused national
demolition contractors

Our diverse project portfolio has been developed from a broad client base across a multitude of market sectors. This varied experience gives us an extensive knowledge base which allows an innovative approach; enabling the successful completion of challenging and complex projects.

We are a quality-focused national specialist demolition contractor committed to excellence across all areas of our business, none more so than our Health, Safety and Environmental performance. We are building enduring, value-based relationships with our customers and partners, based on a clear understanding of their challenges and how we solve them together.


"Demolition can be one of the most stressful parts of the build as there can be many unknowns and it help us feel more secure knowing that DDS are working on this element of our projects."

Eve Laws

Director, Aylaa Exclusive


"From the guys in the office to the operatives onsite, we couldn’t have asked for more."

Chris Cook

Project Manager, DMA Group


"I cannot recommend their services highly enough; I would not hesitate to employ them again for future projects."

Head of Operations

Richborough Power Station

What buildings and areas can DDS work on?

DDS are proud to offer our services as a demolition contractor operating in the south of the UK, which means that we can turn our hand to a diverse range of projects both in urban areas, and in rural locations. These demolition projects include houses, blocks of flats, schools, universities, community buildings, shops, car parks, industrial units, hospitals, military buildings, prisons and more.


There are many different aspects of demolition to consider, and several methods by which to safely demolish a structure. Here are the comprehensive demolition services that DDS offer. Unsure what services will be required for your next demolition project? Contact us today and our team will be happy to assist.


Dismantling & Deconstruction

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Explosive Demolition

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High Reach Demolition

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Marine Demolition

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Top Down Demolition / Deconstruction

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Conventional Demolition

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Plant Hire

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Structural Alterations

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Strip Out and Soft Strip Demolition Services

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Industrial Demolition Services

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Emergency Works

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Piling Platforms

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Reduced Level Digs

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Site Clearance

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Crushing & Screening

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Asbestos Removal Services

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Diversifying our
Project Experience

Take a look at our projects selected from our three core divisions; Demolition, Contracting and Environmental

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Demolition Reclamation

Bench Street Regeneration

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Hyleford Hostel, Loxford Lane

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Risborough Barracks

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Dover Docks (ED1)

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Why choose DDS?

With a comprehensive range of demolition services, years of experience in the business, and a full spectrum of projects under our belts, choosing DDS means that your demolition is in safe hands. We pride ourselves on the collaborative approach we take with our customers and our partners, working together transparently to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Our teams are qualified, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled; it’s a pleasure for us all to work with clients across so many industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the demolition itself, we can handle plant hire, strip outs and soft strip outs, emergency works, and asbestos testing and removal.

Once the demolition is complete, we can clear and site, and crush, screen, and dispose of the debris.

After a demolition, the debris can be sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables, so that the most can be made of the demolition waste.

We offer dismantling and deconstruction, explosive demolition, conventional demolition, marine demolition, and high reach demolition.

DDS are demolition contractors that work across the south of England, which includes London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex and Kent.

We take the preservation of the environment very seriously, and these considerations form a big part of pre-demolition planning. We’ll work together with our client and the local authorities to establish any local concerns, such as nesting birds, we’ll locate and remove any hazardous materials, and take every care to remove and dispose of waste responsibly following the works.

We understand that no two projects are alike; there’s no one-size-fits-all template for a demolition! However, every demolition we turn our hand to will start with an honest discussion with the client about what’s needed, visits to site, health and safety planning, and a strategy put in place for waste removal.

We’re on hand to help guide you through the demolition process, so we’d suggest dropping our team a line to talk about where you’re at with your project, and what you might need from us.

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We’re proud of our credentials as a UK demolition company, such as being SSiP accredited, with a long-standing membership to the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

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We’re a group of companies based in Kent, committed to excellence in construction, demolition, reclamation, salvage and building material supply.

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