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High Reach Demolition

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DDS Demolition has extensive experience in High Reach demolition methods. Our skilled specialist Demolition Engineers are experts in their field, having carried out a vast number of demolitions in an array of locations, they are best placed to formulate a strategic method that best suits the location, whilst keeping Health and Safety at the forefront of decision making.

High Reach

A high or ultra high reach demolition machine is defined as a 360° bespoke excavator base equipped with a purpose-built, multi-boom or telescopic boom that has a working height of 15 metres or more. DDS Demolition employ the High Reach method of demolition using specialist demolition rigs accompanied by highly skilled and experienced demolition operators.

High Reach demolition is naturally beneficial for the demolition of tall structures such as commercial office blocks, residential blocks, hotels, industrial buildings, to name but a few but also works effectively in conjunction with other methods such as top down demolition. High Reach is commonly favourable for its lower operational risk based on the avoidance of the operatives working at height, as well as offering an optimal cost and duration profile in comparison to alternate methods.

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DDS Demolition carried out the demolition of 2no linked multi storey car parks over and within the live and operational Dover Docks. The works essentially cut the existing buildings along a horizontal cut line to reduce the structures down to the retained live offices, passenger terminals and border force search facilities located below. A top […]

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