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DDS Demolition has extensive experience in Piling Platform methods. Our skilled specialist Engineers are experts in their field, having carried out a vast number of projects in an array of locations, they are best placed to formulate a strategic method that best suits the location, whilst keeping Health and Safety at the forefront of decision making.


When buildings are demolished, and the foundations and hard standings are removed, the underlying ground it not always suitable to carry out the piling operations that are commonplace within the constructions of substructures. Piling platforms often have to be constructed to create a stable platform for the piling rigs and the other associated plant and equipment to operate from.

DDS have a wealth of experience in the construction of piling platforms, and can install matts in even the most unfavourable of grounds. Using our crushing and screening services, we can even recycle the material from the structure you may be demolishing into the granular arisings used to construct the platform, and can install any required geogrids, terram membranes, (or similar) as required, as well as carrying out testing to ensure the platform performs correctly. The construction of the piling platform can also be carried out in conjunction with the other demolitions works, which can often shorten the overall construction programme.

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