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Structural Alterations

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DDS Demolition are highly experienced undertaking structural alterations to properties, whether that's amending the core structure of a building, stabilisation of fire damaged buildings or foundation subsidence. Our teams are experts in their fields, having carried out vast arrays of projects for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential clients in the UK.

Carrying out alterations to existing structures

From fire damage and subsidence of foundations, to part demolition of properties and redevelopment of existing structures. Rest assured, DDS Demolitions industry leading in-house demolition engineers, coupled with our supply chain of over 40+ years, comprised of specialist designers and consultants, are best positioned to advise and support your project from conception to demolition and redevelopment.

First, we will survey and assess the existing structures condition and make a full analysis of the project requirements. Our assessments take into account the logistical limitations of the surroundings, informing the method and risk management strategy. We will then pull together a team of professionals with a skills profile based on the project specification, liaising with local authorities to organize applications, licences and relevant permissions required to carry out the works.

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Whether it's reactive management of a deteriorated structure or designed alteration to an existing core structure, DDS Demolition can advise and support your project requirements

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Other Projects

Abbey Road Car Park

Camden, London
Project Summary

DDS Demolition carried out the demolition of a multi storey car park on the busy Abbey Road in London. The project required additional measures to be put in place to limit and prevent noise and dust at source, meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Mayor of London’s supplementary planning guidance (SPG). DDS assisted the […]

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At DDS Group Ltd, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality turnkey solution in an ever-changing environment, defined by safety, integrity, honesty and trust, whilst promoting a healthy work environment for all employees, where a respect for diversity and room for growth culminates in exceptional service and company spirit.

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We’re a group of companies based in Kent, committed to excellence in construction, demolition, reclamation, salvage and building material supply.

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