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Top Down Demolition / Deconstruction

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DDS Demolition has vast experience with Top Down demolition, utilising the skills and expertise of our in-house demolition engineers to realise and progress the optimum solutions relevant to the parameters of the site.

Top Down Demolition

Top down demolition is employed for high level buildings whereby plant, machinery and waste bins are craned up onto the roof space and used to carefully demolish from the top floor level progressively floor by floor, down to ground. The method is commonly accompanied by temporary propping to support the weight of plant and demolition arisings, as well as a carefully positioned crane to lift waste away in waste bins.

This method is especially useful when space at ground level is at a minimum, surrounding public interfaces or sensitive neighbouring properties are particularly close to the structure, or the structure is simply too tall. Once space has been created at ground level, it is common practice for a high reach machine to also be engaged to work in tandem with the top down method. This hybrid method is a carefully engineered sequence coordinated by our in-house demolition engineers to reduce cost while mitigating risks as much as practicable.

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If traditional methods aren’t viable for your project, please get in touch with DDS Demolition.

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