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Conservation Yellow Stock Bricks – BN256


Imperial size, yellow, stock bricks, hand made and aged to give appearance of authentic, reclaimed, Yellow Stock bricks.

Conservation Yellow Stock is a high quality yellow handmade brick ideal for London and the surrounding counties.

Genuinely handmade, this brick features highlights and overburns to perfectly replicate the old yellow stock bricks so commonly found in these areas.

The bricks are supplied with approximately 5% of the faces in black and white, which are reversible so they can be laid in the desired blend.

Imperial, conservation Yellow Stock bricks offer the perfect solution for matching existing brickwork.

Appx Size:

230mm x 108mm x 68mm


1-999 Bricks @ £1.10 + VAT (per brick)

1000+ Bricks @ £1,000 + VAT (per 1000)

Number Available:




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